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Unlock the Power of
ProPresenter with
Hands-On Training!

You have ProPresenter 7 but you felt lost on how to unleash its full potential? Are your volunteers eager to learn, but the complexities of ProPresenter leave you struggling to explain it?

Hey, I get it. ProPresenter is powerful, but the learning curve can be overwhelming.
That's where I come in.

I've crafted a hands-on training course that goes beyond the typical PDFs and YouTube clips. If you're like me, you learn best with someone guiding you through each step. And that's precisely what this course is about.


Introducing a Training
Experience Beyond
the Basics!

Are You Ready to
Empower Your Media Team?

Are you searching for the perfect solution to train your volunteers in using ProPresenter effectively? This hands-on training is designed to empower your media team, elevating the worship experience in your church and for online viewers.

Click below to Pre-Register the course for a limited-time offer. For just $150 per person
(regularly $300 per person)

or $300 for up to 3 people in your church media department, you'll gain access to a comprehensive 2-hour hands-on course covering:

Pre-Register Now!

Course Outline: ProPresenter7 Beginners Guide Preview

  • PP Interface Overview

  • PP Screen Configuration

  • PP Organization and Order of Service

  • Creating and Using the Stage Screen

  • Presentation Editor Mastery

  • The Announcement Layer and Loops

Special Bonus + Question & Answer Session

Limited-Time Offer:
Pre-Register Today!

Invest in your media team's success now. Pre-register to secure your spot for only $150 per person or $300 for your church's media department for up to 3 people. Act fast—space is VERY limited.

Get ready to transform your ProPresenter experience and enhance your worship services!

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